{Order} DSK Jelwery

I've been following Stephanie Nguyen for a while and her ventures in the jewelry business. I had longed ogled over her creations and finally broke down last week to place an order.

Stephanie is a very talented designer and I know she has great patients and skill to come up with all of her wonderful ideas. She is really inspiring to me. I feel like I want to be all these things, fashion designer, makeup artist, cosmetologist, jeweler, insert creative titles here, etc. I am very happy for her that she has found prosperity in her trade <3.

These are the Swarovski Black Diamond Checkerboard Studs.

She is really sweet, check her out here:

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  1. Great blog dolly! Now following :)
    xo Jenn


  2. hey gorgeous! I was given an award today and now I am awarding you! go to my bog for the details!(:

  3. mag die ohrringe....achso und dein profilbild ist auch übelst schön....;P
    find's gut das du ganz normal bist und nicht nur prada, givenchy, ysl etc. trägst.... das ermunter einen nähmlich nicht gerade...

    besucht mich auf meinem blog stil.werk

    oder auf UNSEREM blog mädels.werk

    LG Lea


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