{p10p} 2 down, 8 to go!

So if you haven't noticed in my previous blog post, I have started the project 10 pan challenge. This is for several reasons, which includes de-cluttering, finding which products I actually like, and preventing me from buying more than what I can use, just to name a few.

This was bought during my summer vacation to Orlando, Fl. - cause I wanted to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter {hehehe}, after I went to the beach and got a nasty sunburn. Which happened to be right before I worked for a non-profit cancer organization, leaving me paranoid. This helped so much to give me relief from the horrid pain and prevent me from excessive peeling.

Anyways, this after-sun lotion is super moisturizing, leaving the skin feeling tremendously soft. The smell I don't care for, but the formula is amazing. I would consider repurchasing once I finish off the rest of my lotions, permitting another great moisturizer doesn't swoon me over.


  1. We love this! It's our HG holiday item. I agree about the scent but at least it doesn't linger!

  2. Oh, good to know it available internationally! Haha


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