{p10p} 3 down, 7 to go!

I have to say I am quite enjoying seeing my clutter decreasing. Making progress!

I really liked this scent, it was from last summers collection from Victoria's Secret. To me the scent was often described as sweet like cake or brownies, but I always thought it smelled like Thai Tea. Is that odd? The glitter in it was not overpowering, but left my skin looking radiant. Also, this had a slightly orange/brown shade when applied but doesn't pigment the skin.

I still have the matching body spray, but I don't really use body sprays anymore...

Did you ever try VS body glitter swirl creams?


  1. I like it when I use up my stash of lotions and potions. Clutter decreasing is therapeutic I say!

  2. Nice , nice, nice! you and the post!
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  3. I usually don't use body sprays or body creams with glitter, but I definitely use lotions. Uusally something simple like cocoa butter. I have a huge stash of lotions that have yet to be used lol. I think I should start so I can also declutter! :)

  4. I have so many products, as well as samples its crazy. Plus I am here in Paris, and want to get so many beauty products that are exclusive to France ;)

  5. I tried and I loved it!

  6. thankks again for the blogaward you gave me:) i linked back to you.


  7. I've tried that before and I gotta say the scent is pretty amazing! great choice! :D

  8. the fall-pictures in your previous post are awesome!

  9. nope, i've never tried it, but it sounds really sweet. i think my sister would love that scent. :D

    p.s. yay for clutter decreasing! :)

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

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  11. Thank you ladies! Working my hardest to complete the challenge. =]

  12. It's a good thing about the clutter decreasing ! I like your blog and I'd be proud if you wanted to follow mine and of course I'll follow yours back :-) Kisses

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