{review} e.l.f brush cleanser

Just a quick review while I'm out, currently staying in the mountains!
I purchased this bottle of brush cleaner from e.l.f several months ago in attempts to find an inexpensive cleanser. Many reviews on the product web page stated that "a little goes a long way" & "the tiniest amount is required," after my own use I began to question how well these customers really clean their own brushes.

I'm my experience the formula is quite runny, thin, and produces bubbles easily, but doesn't lather well. Also it leaves my hands very dry feeling, so I wonder how the brush fibers are treated with this. Another concern to note, it doesn't cut through pigmented residue, creams, or waxy/oily products well. I does clean, don't misread me, but without the qualities a great cleanser should have.

Rating: 3/5

How do you clean your brushes?


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  2. I need to get one, out of mine!!! Check out my blog :)

    hugs, Emma

  3. Nice post! I've been using Bare Minerals Brush Shampoo- its almost to the bottom of the bottle though and have been searching for a new brush cleaner to try out, had I not read your post I would've purchased this product so thank you!

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  4. very good written!

  5. hmm this doesn't sound like a good product!! ELF stuff I find it's either hit or miss and nothing in between :S

    thanks for your comment! for the DIY louboutin I just used a pair of old booties I never wear anymore and I used regular glue from glue gun, I bought the glue sticks at the dollar store :)

  6. hi beautiful, hope you had a good stay in the mountains:)



  7. Thanks for your comments >w<!

    @ Hurnrningbird: I'll have to look into this, thank you!

    @ Pop Champagne: No Problem, thanks for answering my questions =] Such a thrifty alternative!

    @ rosecandle11: Yes! It was so relaxing =]

  8. Good to know this product isn't that great. I usually use store-brand baby shampoo!


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