{Review} Suave color protection shampoo

Suave Professions Color Protection

So I never really thought much about Suave shampoos. I knew they were cheap, but didn't know if they did anything special. I have used Suave lotions before and never really had a problem with them and they seem to do their job. However, hair care is entirely different from body care.

I recently colored my hair, from a light blonde to a dark brown and wanted to buy a color protecting shampoo. I figured I try this: its affordable, the claim on the bottle {yeah, yeah} says it's comparable to Biologe hair care, and great up to 40 washes.

With it purchased I shampooed and styled my hair as normal. I immediately noticed a change in my hair color. It went from a deep brown color to a brass mix of blonde and brown. Also, whenever I would style after washing, I could smell a strange scent of the shampoo. The formula of the shampoo does not yield a great lather as it is rather thin, you have to use a quite a bit in order to cleanse thoroughly.

After giving this some weeks (3) to try I could not tolerate it any longer.

Rating: 1/5


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