Enjoying fall

Friends and I (not pictured) on a Campus Nature Walk!
I must say, as this is approaching week we will be fully into fall, that days here often don't feel like fall except for the reminder in the colors of the leaves.

Everywhere I've gone for the past couple of weeks, even on blogs. I've seen a plethora of leopard/cheetah/tiger and just animal prints in general and I love it! I definitely need to add more patterns to my wardrobe, I would love to own some printed flats :D

This is a scarf of mine that I cannot wait to wear when the weather turns colder. (Its more tiger stripy)

Oh and I had a makeup mishap the other day, my eyeliner got all crazy on me due to Fall allergies =_=;; and I don't normally carry makeup with me, making me have to stop to buy new eyeliner. I was looking for the one I usually use, Maybelline Stiletto liner and with my luck it was sold out D:! So I bought an e.l.f. one instead. Surprisingly, it works great.

Are you prepared for the animal rampage this fall?


  1. love that scarf!


  2. Love the animal print trend! Nice scarf!

    The Hearabouts


    P.S. Join my GIVEAWAY!! :D

  3. hey girl! enjoyed reading your blog to bits and following! Keep in touch okay. Love the styling here cant wait to read more of your posts!

    Silvia @ www.poisepolish.com

  4. Love this scarf any animal print is something I am drawn to this season
    I am now following your blog
    I invite you to check my blog hope you visit soon !!!
    Blessings .


  5. Such a cute scarf!!!

  6. love the scarf! I just love animal print. I bought new boots and it has cheetah print lining on the inside and its so cute!! Of course i have my cheetah print scarf (: i would love for you to check out my fashion blog

  7. My GFC never tells me when you post! what is going on?
    Anyways love the scarf and you should try wet n wild lip liners they're about $1 if you just want to try it.

  8. love the scarf!!!


  9. I am not very good with fashion so I have to admit to wearing animal prints thoughout the summer. LOL

    I love the tiger stripe scarf xx

  10. Hello pretty girl :)

    I just found your blog and I love it! You have great reviews and I really like your nail polish posts. I'm now following :)

    PS. That scarf is so cute!


  11. Love the scarf - the color and print is adorable! Beautiful :)

  12. I had really bad spring allergies this year and it came back a little in the summer too :S totally hate allergies hope you will get over yours soon! and yees love the animal prints :D

  13. Very cute scarf! We are obsessed with anything animal print this fall. Just came across your blog & love it! We'd love for you to visit ours sometime. Drop us a comment & follow back if you do. :)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  14. I love your scarf! and I am not one who likes animal print....it makes me look to well...I'll pass on that comment LOL anyway. Yes, I love Fall!

  15. Hi!! :)

    I really like your blog,
    I follow you :D
    ... maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)


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