First weekend of October!

Sorry for being all M.I.A. recently!

As it was the first weekend of October, nearby towns all over had their kick off celebrations to fall, beer, and bbq. I chose the festival that celebrated all of these >:D!

Yummy funnel cake with sugar and chocolate!

Recently, the sky has been so gorgeous here, no clouds at all, just this rare vibrant piercing blue that seems almost majestic. Love it! It has been so breezy and crisp, truly seems like fall, so time to break out all my scarves and jackets. Yes!

Sunday lunch - Homemade Pho! (excuse the news paper xD)

"Call your Mother"

I think this is my mom's favorite nail polish. I feel guilty every time I see it and I have to call her. It's a great color for spring and fall. So you might be seeing this a lot... I've owned it since last fall and it sill applies amazingly!

I'm going to be posting up my September favorites tomorrow. I hope you guys enjoy it. I've never done one of those post.

What are you looking forward to this October? (I'm looking forward to haunted houses, Halloween parties, orchard pickings, so excited!!)


  1. I am looking forward to HALLOWEEN! My all time favorite holiday! This year I will be in Florida enjoying it! I wonder what halloween is like at Disneyworld??

    Pho is so yummy! I surprisingly just had my first taste of it about 6 months ago lol. Not a lot of fall festivals going on here but we are definitely hitting up the pumpkin patch and the events they have at the huge farm about an hour outside of my city. Though I am so jealous of your blue skies! I have only rain! Gray! and a little chilly!

    I m excited for your favorites post! :)

    It's so awesome having blog friends like you who actually read my blog / I read theirs. Makes it all worth posting

    TTYL!! <3

  2. Lovely pics and that is a great named polish! lol

  3. that is a really pretty nail polish color!! love the mauve feeling

  4. that funnel cake looks pretty damn good


  5. Aah, that funnel cake looks delicious! The colour of the nailpolish is lovely too

  6. My gosh that soup looks so good to me!! Love th polish! xo -Taj

  7. oh no!!! now im craving for a funnel cake!!!

  8. britney was amaazing!!:)oh, thats cool:) love pho too! so yummi!


  9. That first pictures killed me :p. Nom nom.
    And the nail polish is so pretty! An amazing shade of lavender.

  10. Oh man that funnel cake looks so good! I'm obsessed with it but I won't eat it too often it's not so great for ya haha. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely look into coconut oil it sounds like a good product! Thanks for following and I followed you too your blog is great!


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