Gap is closing 21% of North American stores.


Last night I was browsing through the news before going to sleep and found an odd article, that was a bit shocking, I suppose in how it was worded:

Gap is closing 21% of its US stores, but opening several overseas.

I guess as they are trying to expand their market elsewhere, they are cutting back here. Its disheartening though, because there are only two locations even remotely close to where I am.

I don't know if this means a lot a sales, as they will probably shift inventory around.

Also, although I don't frequent this store, I really do love there merchandise and think their clothes are still on of the more solid quality type of basic items than similar chains.

Which stores do you often shop at?


  1. I dont really like GAP, their clothes are kinda boring.
    I love forever 21, Zara, H&M, those kind of stores :)

    Love S.

  2. Wow. That is news. Like to follow each other? Let me know and will follow you right back.

  3. I don't like gap, because even their small is too big for me.. i dunno their clothing just fit funny on me lol

  4. Really this is interesting! Well I never see that many people in the store! They have some cute things, but I prefer Zara to Gap. I usually buy Gap stuff on clearance! xo

  5. I was reading about this earlier! I was at a Gap store the other day and I couldn't really find anything cute in there:/
    Little Petite


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