{Review} Nail FAIL

Sally Hansen: Pat on the Black

This has been one of the worst experiences I have had with polish and I'm and very regretful to say that I did not like this product at all.

First of all when I originally bought this I wasn't up to par with application of nail products, so I thought perhaps my inexperience was to blame for the lack of luster, smoothness, and overall appearance. However, I was so in love with the color I overlooked this initially.

Upon revisiting this polish, I realized it wasn't my lack of prior experience, but the formula (unfortunately) that was the problem. A few things to note: The applicator brush is too stiff; drys to quickly not allowing for a full coat; to sheer, leaving patchy spots; even with a base coat this stains my nails. Also, this tends to clump together not spreading across the whole nail, hence the gap at the ends of the nails.

I really do like the color, how in different lighting the this appears plum and then black, but considering everything else - just doesn't cut it.

Rating: 1/5

So sad. :[ Going to look for something else similar.

What is your favorite plumy/deep purple/wine color polish? I would like to try it =]


  1. I know! I hate it when you really want to love something and it's a complete disappointment! I love nail polishes but it's so hard to find the perfect one.


  2. I love dark wine colors but sad to say is hit and miss but luckily right now they have so many color options and brands out here
    great post !
    blessigns hun !

  3. Ahh, that sucks.

    My favourite plumy coloured nail polish is by Inglot, but I'm not sure if you can find it where you live.
    here's a link to their website

    I'll guarantee you'll love it.

    Follow each other ?



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