{Review} Organix Shampoo & Conditioner

Organix: Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

After coloring my hair from blond to brown, I needed to find a shampoo that would improve the health of my hair as well as protect and recover it from excessive damage. I had heard about the Organix brand before and really want to try their products. Currently I've been using these products for over a month now, strait with no other products besides themselves.

I really like the way that this combination make my hair feel and look. I used to dye my hair blond, then decided I wanted to go darker because the blond was washing out my skin tone. I am naturally an ashy blond color, so I felt that going brown, wouldn't be so bad. However, I colored my hair myself and the brown color did not want to adhere to my blond locks, so soon after I had to recolor to brown. Anyways, my hair was damaged even more and I just want to get it healthy again.

I feel that this combination of shampoo and conditioner are really helping to do that.

Shampoo $6:
I use about a quarter sized amount to apply throughout my hair. My hair is also pretty thick, which is why I have to use a bit more. Smells great! The formula is on the thicker side, however, doesn't lather that well - as it is sulfate free. This is also paraben free too! So it is safe on color treated hair and won't strip your hair to badly of natural oils. I only have to use this once to feel like my hair is clean.

Conditioner $6:
Really creamy, smells great also, doesn't cause breakouts (several conditioners I've used increased my breakout rate, because they were too oily). Does not leave the hair oily looking, so it deposits the right amount to moisture where needed. I apply mostly to the ends of my hair and then work the residue on my hands into the scalp to condition.

I've noticed that my hair does indeed look healthier, a significant decrease in my split ends. In using I've seen that my hair drys a whole lot faster, with the blow dryer and without. Recently I've been avoiding the blow dryer and just letting my hair air dry. Not blow drying my hair I think has also increase the return of health and "life" into my hair, as I am not adding unnecessary heat. This really has made my hair appear livelier, bouncier, and I don't have random frizz or fly-aways, it looks smoother and is soft to touch. Something else to note, it helped increase the volume level in my hair. { Yay, fluffy ;] }

Rating: 5/5

Now I would have included this into my fall favorites, but it slipped my mind! I did however include the actual oil from Organix that work quite well to smooth, shine and protect the hair.

What is your favorite shampoo? Although I really love this product, I always love trying new things!!


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  2. Sounds like good products!

    I like your blog a lot!

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  3. I've actually been meaning to pick up that shampoo but was worried it wouldn't work. Thanks for the review not I'm encouraged to buy it.

    Thanks for comment I know it was a steal, I love the books but not the movies well so far they've been a disappointment unlike Harry Potter where they bring the books to life (nerd status) ;)

    Have a Lovely weekend lady!


  4. nice review!!!


  5. Good products!
    I love your blog :D
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  6. I'v always wanted to try these :) Thank u for the comment on my blog, would U like to follow each other???

    xo Emma

  7. Thank you for the review - I'm going to keep this in mind next time I go shampoo shopping which is soon...

    Also thank you for your sweet comments on my blog - I followed you :)

  8. Im glad this shampoo worked for you.. I am so sad to say it was not good for me.. it really did a bad number on my hair..! and I wanted it to work since I have read so many good reviews...

    great post either way hun!

  9. ill have to try this! looks like a great product

  10. That sounds like really good product! Though I doubt it that they sell it in the Netherlands.



  11. Thank you stopping by my blog and your lovely comment!

    I've seen this shampoo around and have wondered if it's any good! Glad to hear that it works! Definitely will keep that in mind next time I'm on the hunt for new shampoo!

  12. Sounds good, great review!


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