September Favorites

Happy Monday, I hope you are all doing fantastic :).

I have always wanted to do a post pertaining to my monthly favorites, but never felt that it would be much use. Let me know if it is something I should do again:

Organic Coconut oil, Organix Moroccan argan oil, EOS lip-balm Lemon Drop, Essie Fair Game, Urban Decay Naked palette, L'Oreal Magic Perfecting

I guess let me break all this down. Haha :D

Skin Care:

L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base - Helps keep my make up from sliding off during the day and protects my skin from anything I put on it. It worked great this month, especially since it was still hot!

Organic Coconut oil - I saw this on the Dr. Oz show and again from The Wallflower. I use this after I get out of the shower as a quick body moisturizer and also as a facial moisturizer at night. (Don't recommend using it with make up because it is an oil). Plus it is fragrance free!


Essie Fair Game - This color is amazing and perfect for fall. Out of my collection this is the one I always want to grab for, but I remind my self to branch out and try all my different ones!

Hair care:

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil - I have been trying to get my hair healthy since coloring it so whenever I need to use heat products I've been using this as to protect it. I also tend to use it even when I don't blow dry my hair. Since using, my hair has been all soft :]

Make up:

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Still one of my favorites, use this almost everyday. Great neutral colors!
EOS Lemon Drop - Lip balm with SPF. What more can I say? Easy to find in my bag, like the shape, taste great.

What did you like in September or what are your current favorites?


  1. I use coconut oil on my skin all the time, it works so well and I love how it smells. Also, I really like your blog :)

  2. i lovee coconut oil! and i lovee the nail polish too :) such a nicee colour :)

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your nails. I'm so sad it didn't work :( What kind of alcohol did you use??
    Following now!


  4. I love the naked palette too! (Who doesn't?) :) But I would love to try the Moroccan oil! Have a nice tuesday!

  5. loveee the urban decay naked palette! it's still sold out in my city LOL damnn

  6. gahh you have THE naked palette? it's been on my wishlist for centuries, but i've been too lazy to purchase it.
    thank you SO much for the namedrop, by the way! ha ha, i'm such a nerd about advocating coconut oil. i have my roomie and my close friends using it now, too!
    take care, lovely!


  7. I love my Naked Palette too! :)


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