{Hair Secret} Dry Shampoo

With colder weather setting in across the norther hemisphere, comes more heat and mistreatment to hair and skin. I know I've fallen prey this cycle a lot in the past, but as of now I have been trying to get my hair back to its original state. I'm growing out my natural color and going to watch the amount of torture my hair endures.

So I want to share my secret to great 2nd day hair:

Tapioca Starch {$0.79}

{I fell on this by chance actually as I have this in my kitchen to make yummy Bánh da lợn!}

I've know that baby powder has been used, but I hate the smell and the fact that sometimes contains talc. Corn starch has been used in several dry shampoos on market, but I didn't have any at the time when I tried this trick out. Instead I decided to try this starch since it was available to me. It worked great then and continues to now!

To use just aliquot into a shaker jar or something with a sieve, then just apply to needed area and massage into scalp.

This will help add volume, make your hair tamer and more presentable on 2nd day wear {ahaha}, doesn't have a funky/lingering smell, and is super cheap - 79 cents.

I got mine at the local farmers market in the Vietnamese area where they sell noodles, spring roll paper/wrappers, and similar items.

Alternatively when I haven't refilled my jar - I use the Got2Be dry shapmoo can, works simi-ok - I prefer the Tapioca Starch...

Do you use dry shampoo, which one?


  1. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  2. Thanks for this great idea, I've used dry shampoo before but it somehow has the opposite effect for me. We don't get tapioca starch here in SA, so is corn starch ok to use?

  3. Sam: Corn starch is another alternative and should have a similar effect. I found that some dry shampoos are horrible also, and just make my hair look worse. Cheers!

  4. oh wow this is such a cool secret, didn't know it before!!:) oke if you don't mind, is your bf a vietnamese?:D

    are you going to make a YT video soon?:)


  5. Wow thanks for sharing :] I've always wanted to try dry shampoo but never have!

  6. Back in the 1960s there was a dry shampoo called, 'Psssst' on the market. I'm sure it had these same ingredients you mention

  7. thanks for the tip, i've never tried dry shampoo. i should, since everyone raves about it haha. i just feel it might leave my hair powdery or something :/ xx

  8. Dry shampoo is an necessity for me, love it <3

  9. interesting! I don't use dry shampoo, I don't think I ever have... but I hear they're so much better for your hair in terms of styling it

  10. Curious! I remember seeing my sister using granny's talcum powder. You just brought back some wonderful memories for me!

  11. OMG.. I've never heard of this solution before! I'll definitely be giving this a try soon!

  12. omg I was jsut thinking about dry shampoo today. This is such a good idea, I'm definitely going to try it out - thank you! Do you think it's better than any of the store bought dry shampoos that you've tried?

  13. I don't use dry shampoo because I have a tendency to have extremely dry hair and dry shampoos are not very suitable for african-textured hair like mine. But I heard that Baking soda rinses, and Apple Cider Vinegar rinses are really good for the hair!

  14. Thanks for sharing! Cute blog! you have a new follower =)

  15. Hey girl! Thank you for the comment on my blog!
    Thanks for the tip too! I have never tried dry shampoo but have heard good things. My best friend uses it all the time and she loves it. I'll have to go get some haha!

  16. Bridechic: YES! When I use aerosol dry shampoo my dad asks me if I'm using "PSSSSSSSSSSSST," my grandma used to use it xD

    Charlotte: I had the same reservations about dry shampoo, some brands do that others might leave it sticky - I have found the Got2Be can dry shampoo and this work great.

    Old Cow: I'm glad xD!

    Katherine: I find that it works just as well as store brands. The TGF Rocker and Got2be aerosol cans are great options if you don't have the time/resources available to get the starch, but this is great in a pinch or if you run out, also can be a bit more portable if you have a sieve jar than a bulky can.

    Farrah: I've used the Cider rinse before and it definitely helps, but you have to use it several times before seeing a difference, also I'm not too fond of using it, because it's always so cold!

    Pretty in Pink: Thank you!

    Adriana: Definitely :]


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