{p10p} 3 more gone, only 2 left!

So glad I started this Project 10 Pan Challenge. I've been spending less money on buying products to try and figuring out what I really love. My dresser space is becoming steadily cleaner as this challenge progresses. I have already started items for my next p10p quest - which will involve makeup items, opposed to body care items. Now for a quick overview of them items featured.

Suave Advance Therapy Body Lotion: Very thin formula, has a masculine smells, so it's not overwhelming. Does give some moisturizer, but skins in quickly and doesn't retain for very long. Had a long list of chemical ingredients, which is a little scary as this does absorb into the skin, those chemicals can enter the blood stream...

VS Love Spell body spray: The Love Spell scent has been my favorite from VS, but I am so glad I have almost used this up. I don't tend to use fragrances, save for scented deodorant and the occasional spritz of perfume for special occasions. I still have an almost unused large bottle, which I have no clue how to use other than to use! (Does that make sense?)

Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail lotion: This works pretty decently. It's small enough to tote around in a bag and doesn't open without you want it to (have had a problem with other lotions). The formula is a bit thin, so it sinks into the skin quickly, making you apply a lot more at a time. Also, this has a baby powder smell, didn't enjoy that much, but your getting what you pay for.


  1. omg how are you? hope you had an awesome new year and christmas! my blog still never tells me when you update..even after I re-followed your blog.????



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  3. by the way, i've awarded you with the versatile blogger award! hopefully you haven't won it yet, ha ha it's so hard finding someone who hasn't!
    take care!

  4. Nice post I like it.
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  5. this is an awesome way to start getting rid of all the stocked up crap you don't use, i always make the mistake of throwing it out =/

    new to the blogging world,check my blog out!!



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