{NOTD} - Coat Azure

I was out last weekend and found this color for $3.50. I had intended to get the new color from Essie's new summer 2012 collection: Bikini so teeny... but....

With flash

Without flash

I have too many polishes. =_=;;


  1. phwoaaarrrr that's a stunning color!! i love it. gahh i wish i didn't bite my nails -- i'd be able to wear this color!
    anyway, i'm putting you on my "links" page. no need to feel obligated to return the favor or anything! i just really think your blog is lovely :)
    p.s. -- we have the same ikea bed spread! omg it's like we're soul sisters. ha ha!
    hope all is well :)


  2. I love nail polish this is such a pretty color ^^ it's ok I have the same problem with nail polish ! always having too many ! thanks for sharing :) maybe we can follow each other ?

  3. Girl this is great... Anything Essie really. You can never have too many though. NEVER.



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