Weekend Review - ish.

Hello! I hope you are having a lovely weekend... or rather, did. ;D I'm still on summer break for a few more days until I have to start work again. I am not taking summer semester, but I work on campus so I have to be there anyways.

So between studying for the MCAT (I fell asleep once), which is the Medical College Admissions Test:

I have been addicted to playing Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7! I downloaded years 1-4 to my iPhone last year and beat it, so I decide to get the "real" thing this time around.

Ah my Saturday lunch, yummy! Love my boyfriend's mom's cooking.  <3

Yummy goodness!
Well I hope you all continue to have a great weekend and that you have a good week as well! Only a sad few days left until my summer ends. T_T


  1. ahh yummi curry! i love it <33
    have fun with your studies:)
    i had a pretty good weekend, the weather was sooo nice:)

  2. oh wow, you're such a trooper for taking the MCAT! i'm SO glad that my major has absolutely nothing to do with it -- so many of my friends have to take it and it's practically killing them.
    hope all is well my dear, take care! :)



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