Geez Louise, it's hot!  106 F right now and my fan isn't doing enough. @_@

I've been staring at this picture because I want the cooler temperatures back. You can only strip down so much before it becomes illegal!!
 Look the trees are naked and that's acceptable!!!

I wish I can be back at the beach right now, also.  A nice ocean breeze and cold water...

What are things you do to beat the heat?


  1. ha ha ha ha!
    while the rest of the united states is burning to a fine crisp, my lovely little city is staying cool at a consistent 75 and sunny every single day :)
    maybe the universe just took pity on us after our massive flooding. or maybe lake superior is like a natural air conditioner :) either way, i'm totally loving it!


    1. Ah, well that's good you don't have to endure this after all of that. I'm sure if we had a lake like that near by it would be way better. The East Coast sea breeze is just HOT.

  2. It's funny how when we're hot, we want it to be cold, when we're cold, we want it to be hot :p It's currently winter where I live and I'm getting sick of wearing so many layers. The beach pictures look lovely, very calming and peaceful as well as sunny :)

  3. I wish I could be there,here in UK is cold:)for summer.

    I am your new follower,hope you to follow me as well:)

    1. I would love to be in the cold, I do prefer it to this.
      Thank you for the follow <3!

  4. Didn't hear from you for such a long time! Thanks for your lovely comment! I hope you'll stop by more often again, I missed your comments!! :)


    1. I know, I will!!

      I was buried under school work for so long... I'm glad to be back and more active! <33

  5. beautiful pics! love the second one :)


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