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Birchbox time! 

So this months box, I'm not feeling too much of it (also sorry for how dark my pictures look - I changed the light in my room).

So I am excited to try the eyeko liner, I've been wanting to try eyeko for a while. Also I can live with the perfume sample and the boscia blotting papers. However, I have a dry skin type so I don't know how much love they will get.

From last months box  I only really liked the perfume sample. I have found that the mod cloth headband makes an excellent yoga mat holder!! I absolutely do not like the Stila BB Cream - smell funny, no color, no coverage, no function, it was off my face as quick as it came on. I do like the stain that was in the box, only used it a few times, but it held up.

Hope you are well <3.
I apologize for not posting in a week. I has been a birthday week, my dad's and mine...

Happy Birthday Dad, my superhero ;)!


  1. It's wild they include snacks!

  2. heyyy belated happy birthday!!:) sounds like you had a busy week with all those events:)too bad the bb cream didn't work:( but there are tons of other bb creams to try out:)

    lots of love xx

  3. love it! :))
    belated happy birthday! :))

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    and if you like it, feel free to click that follow button pretty! :)

  4. Awesome ! That box looks great! Recently found your blog an I am loving it would love you you to come check out my blog as well sometime if you can!

    Ashley ox
    Steps To Perfection...With Romanianbutterfly206

  5. Happy very belated Birthday ;)
    And thanks for your lovely comment! <3


  6. This seems like an okay box! I cancelled my subscription because I was really disappointed with the products, but they eyeliner looks nice!



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