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I hope you are well! Ah, I wish I could be in London for the Games...or just for anytime... did you catch the Opening Ceremony last night? I caught the tail end of it as I got home from work late, it was cool. I think more cool because I got to see Beckham on TV.

I will be posting a review of my Estee Lauder Foundation soon. I didn't want to post a review until I had use it enough - I have just finished by first bottle - as to be a more honest review. Not just "OMG, this stuff if amazing, I've been using it for 2 days!!11!!" (about 4 months) Ya know?

Right now I am studying for my MCAT exam which is coming up soon, so I won't be too active while reviewing for that, my apologies. As soon as it's over I'll be able to be more attentive!!

Oh... did you see the new Batman movie? Burn Gorman was in it!!! My jaw dropped and my boyfriend gasped, "That's Owen!!" Haha, we love Torchwood <3.

Thank you!




  1. I was expecting it to be a total car crash but I though it was amazing! He pulled of a blimmin' miracle.
    I really want to see the new Batman film. I've heard many good things about it :)

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    1. I hope you will get a chance to see it, it was a great film!

  2. Good luck on your MCAT's!! I wish so badly that I could be at the games too.. I've been staying up to catch all the games!


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