{p10p} July Empties!


So I've emptied quite a few bottles (and a pouch?) this month. My last Project 10 Pan challenge post, I only had two products left... Well I surpassed that this month! Many of these items I will by again, but some I might just pass on for now.

I have repurchased the Bliss Hand cream, as it was featured in my favorites previously. The two Clinique face washes, one in dry skin type and the other in oily, are very comparable to the Simple Skincare line's moisturizing face wash. However, I did noticed my face was a bit drier with the Clinique wash. I have switched back to using my CHI silk infusion serum, after using the Organix oil, I did like the smell and it made my hair soft, but it would grease quickly.

I don't know if I can count the Simple makeup removing sheets in this, but I might not if I do this in the future. There are only 25 sheets in a pack which almost guarantees you will have to buy a new pack at the end of the month...

This Burts Bee's face wash was something I had been wanting to try. It came in a holiday set from my Omi (Thank you! :]) It has a citrus smell and a creamy texture. I did like it, but you need to use a makeup remover prior to use. I will repurchase this later. My all time favorite face wash is the Purpose one. It is great for sensitive skin and takes off every bit of makeup, in my experience. Lastly, I have dry skin so this Dove body wash was great for that, I will repurchase once I finish my other soap.

I didn't realize how much face wash I had in this post until I wrote about them, also looking back at the packaging, I have quite a bit of blue and green items. Strange!

Well that finishes my Project 10 Pan and then some! I will continue this project, but with my cosmetic items, as I stated in my last p10p post.

Have you tried any of these products I have here? Did you like them?

Until next time, take care!


  1. I LOVE all Clinique products!!!!
    Great post sweety :)

  2. Wonderful choice, check out my cosmetics at http://mypackingstylist.com

  3. great post, clinique is one of my favorites brands! :)

    1. Thanks! Mine too, I grew up on them...ahah!

  4. I really need to start doing a Project Pan and try to use up more products! I'd be curious to try Clinique skin care items and also anything argan oil.

    1. Yes! It's a great project, encouraging you to use up before you buy more. :]


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