{NOTD} - Festivities and Food!


Long time no see?! The last few weeks have been very busy for me. I started my internship as well as had my first exam and presentation, I should have studied/prepared more, but pulled out with a low A.

Not wanting to let go of summer, I was sporting this lovely color (again!!).
Essie Tart Deco

I also enjoyed some comfort foods while studying, grilled "cheese" and tomato soup!

After the week was over, I was able to enjoy some festivites! There was a festival celebrating Japanese culture and arts few cities over, so I invited my parents to accompany me! We checked it out and enjoyed some yummy food. 

Bento Box, green tea, octopus balls! 

Sushi roll topped with  crab meat and shrimp.

Eel roll and chicken skewer.

Also started sporting a new nail color - can you see it?!

My "relieved" face after enjoying a good meal and surviving an intense week of school.

I hope you have a lovely week! Take care I hope to catch up with you soon.




  1. The sushi rolls looks amazing! I love that Essie nail varnish colour.

    1. Ahh, they were so good... Thank you!

  2. oh gosh i'm hungry now looking at this food!!:) i hope you enjoy your internship!:)

    btw. you have such beautiful nails:D and i guess on the last pic you're wearing kind of a blue color??:)


    1. Hehe, :D! Yep, a dark blue for the impending weather. ;]

  3. those octopus balls are one of my favorite things to eat!! haha this post makes me hungry even though I just had lunch... and congrats on your A!

    1. Thanks so much!! Yeah love octo-balls...mmmh.

  4. amazing pictures!! Or I should say - mouthwatering?


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