{Review} Sigma SS187


Featured today is a review over the Sigma SS187, now called the F50. This was previously featured in my October Favorites from last year... there I talked about some of the problems I am still experiencing. 

As you can the fibers aren't neatly organized.
See the unevenness of this?

I have had this brush for several years, but only recently found  a use for it (recent in the amount of time of using). It's sad to report the quality of this brush is very low. After the first washing I remember some initial shedding, which I thought might be normal, but it has continued. Every time I use a foundation or power with this brush, I find myself having to pick off black and white hairs.

I use a mild shampoo/brush cleanser and tepid - cool water to wash, and flat dry or upside down. So I am not understanding why this brush is so damaged. It's frustrating, because after all the hype about Sigma, you think it would be good. In my experience not the case. Sadly I have to report that all of the other brushed I own from Sigma also had a significant amount of shedding. I haven't really found a use for this brush as of late... so it has definitely been demoted from my favorites.

Basically, this brush isn't long-lasting. Sigma brushes do a good job of applying and distributing product, but you will have to battle some fibers on your face.

Rating: 3/5

What company do you purchase your brushes from? What is your favorite brush/tool?  Have you any experience from Sigma?

I want to try the Real Techniques brushes, they are supposedly good!




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