{Update & Review} Up&Up nail polish remover pads


First off, I would like to acknowledge the fact that my little blog hit 100 followers. I am so amazed by that! I know it might seem like a small number, but it's my number! :] Thank you all for your support and encouragement. 

Secondly, I know I've been M.I.A. for a little bit. This is my last year of undergrad and my classes have become very intense. In addition I am also interning with a company in the city, which drains a lot of energy. So between commuting and course work, I haven't been able to properly update this blog. :[ Now on to the review!

I bought these a few months ago while in Florida for vacation. I needed to get rid my old and worn nail color, but didn't want to invest in a bulky bottle or jar of remover. I saw these at target, while out and deiced to try and I'm glad I did!

I was really impressed with the quality of this product. These are a Target  Up & Up store brand. I really love how portable these are, you can always toss one of these pouches into your bag if you need to correct a nail mistake by chance when you are out. I think this is a solid product, and I will be repurchasing these later!
Contained within this little box are 10 individually wrapped pads. These pads are felt like and are generously soaked with remover. I find that I can use one pad for both hand and feet without needing to add more remover. These pads are very durable and do not break or split when pulled or after having pressure applied. I didn't find these to have a powerful or overwhelming odor, something that other convenient nail polish removers types have.


  1. Hey Hun! I just nominated you for a blog award on my blog!

  2. Congrats on reaching 100 followers lovely, hope your course is going well! x

  3. interesting, I've always wanted to try those, it's great for traveling instead of bring the whole bottle of nail polish remover!

  4. These sound like a really good idea, especially for travel! I like that the pads themselves are sturdy and you find that they don't smell as horrible as some other nail polish removers :p

    1. So true! These are a keeper for sure.

  5. Congratulations on 100 followers, actually now you have 101. :)Lovely blog, hoping to see more great posts from you.



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