{Feature} Meet Lischen!

Hello lovely,

Today I am featuring a fellow blogger whom I have been following for quite sometime.

Lisa, or Lischen, has a lovely blog which I became fascinated with over a year ago. I first found her blog and was immediately drawn to her nail of the day posts/tutorials. Still to this day this day they draw me in... 

My Questions to Lischen:
  1. Would you mind tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a 19 year old girl from Germany studying International Business, I recently started just a few weeks ago . My English isn't perfect, so originally I started my blog only in English to train in the language. For over a year now, I have developed a love everything about beauty, fashion and blogging. I also love dancing, cooking and being out there in the beautiful forests and landscapes around here.
  1. What is your blog about and why did you decided to start blogging?
When I started to blog I wanted to do a fashion-beauty blog, but after some time I just wanted to blog about something personal as well. Just something I did last week or so… so I’d say it’s not only about fashion and style, it’s also very much about me.

And why I did started? That’s quite a funny story:

I was once watching to a very cool vlog on youtube. It was a red-haired girl just talking about her life and other funny stuff. I didn't watch her videos for a while and when I searched for her channel again I couldn't find it anymore (if you think you know her channel, please tell me!!). Instead I found the channel of a really amazing girl that also has got a blog. I read though it and also read through other blogs and I really liked what the girls did. So I just decided to do this, too. :)
  1. What would you describe as the biggest influence over your fashion sense/style and how would you describe your style?
Aww… this question is hard to answer cause I’d just say: I don’t know… :D
I think my mom had a big influence on my style cause I wear many pieces out of her closet and I think she’s a very fashionable woman. I also think blogging influenced my style, which I really like!
  1. Lisa, you've featured several nail design posts as well as some craft projects, where does your inspiration come from for these types of projects?
Either from other blogs, YouTube channels or from my own creativity. :)
  1. What has been your most rewarding experience out of blogging? 
Mhmm... I don’t think there is one special experience. It’s just the pleasure of meeting so many nice people from so many different countries, getting an insight into their lives and being able to talk to them and making friends with them. This whole blogging-community is something I would have never dreamed of to be a part of it and this is so cool!!

I hope you enjoyed her feature!
Personally really enjoy seeing Germany from her point of view!
If you are interested she also interview me, which is featured on her blog.




  1. I wish I was good at doing my hair, haha, I'm envious at those braids!

  2. Your blog I loooove! Such great pieces ❤❤❤ besitos! xx

  3. Hello dear! I discovered your blog from lischens:))

    It's lovely - I' a new follower!




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