{Instagram} Weekly #3

Hello you!

My schedule is currently jammed going between classes, work, and internship. I've been wanting up post an updated instagram review for a while, and I've fallen behind. If you would like to see my any pictures you might have missed, check out the side bar or follow me on instagram: mrubiiee. I hope this will be able to compensate some!

1. Empty trolley ride 2. Sun rising over airplanes 3. Some of the pink lip products in my bag 4. Classmate brought entire class breakfast 5. Sisterly love 6. Teatime (green tea!) 7. Halloween makeup with bestie 8. Some lab fun 9. Ravenclaw scarf, my pride 10. Hedwig Theme on the radio! 11. Perfect time for candles 12. How I felt after eating a bag of Halloween candy


  1. You look pretty! What did you dress up as this halloween?

    1. It was pretty last minute, so I fashioned some horns and was a demon!

  2. Ooo nice photos!! I really like your makeup! And that sunrise is so beautiful!!

  3. I had that same candle! Yummy fragrance :)

  4. Love all those lip products - especially the Revlon :) I have always wanted to try Yankee Candles - I heard they smell lovely and have some really authentic scents!


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