{Feature} Interviewing Lam in Louboutins' Stephanie!


I had the wonderful opportunity to interview a lovely fashion blogger. Stephanie of Lam in Louboutins has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers. I think she pieces together beautiful outfits, with different colors, patterns, and textures all mixed to create a unique array of outfits.

Rubiiee (Me!): What prompted you to start a fashion blog?

Stephanie: I was actually bored during the summer at work, since it's our off season, and I started surfing the web and discovered these wonderful things called blogs. I started with Cupcakes and Cashmere, then found Wendy's Lookbook, then went on to discover Atlantic-Pacific and so forth. I wanted to start a blog that combined the two things I loved, fashion and food (mostly making desserts). Not many of my readers know this, but when I first started my blog it was titled Sweets and Chic Boutiques. But I decided to be more fashion focused as I got further into blogging and changed my blog to Lam in Louboutins.

Rubiiee: Who has been your greatest fashion influence?

Stephanie: I would have to say Olivia Palermo. I just love her classic style, but she always knows how to add a pop of something to her outfits! Lately though, I am absolutely obsessed with Blair from Atlantic Pacific. She can do no wrong in my books.

Rubiiee: Where do you gather inspiration from?

Stephanie: I love flipping through the J.Crew style guide every month. I love how they casually mix prints and patterns and textures so beautifully.

Rubiiee: Who are your favorite designers?

Stephanie: There are so many favorites, but my ultimate has got to be Valentino (but Miu Miu is a close second)  it's the perfect combination of girly and edgy. For shoes though, I obviously love Louboutins.

Rubiiee: What are your favorite places to shop?

Stephanie: J.Crew is my number one place to shop, they fit my personal style perfectly

Rubiiee: What do you invision your blogging feature to be?

Stephanie: I am so happy with the direction my blog is going. I hope that it can continue growing and reaching out to other readers and just be an inspiration to people.

Rubiiee: How has blogging affected your career decisions, has this lead them anywhere new?

Stephanie: I'm actually an accountant at Ernst and Young and I'm currently pursuing my CPA license. As much as I'd love to have a career in fashion, I haven't yet thought about actually pursuing a career in fashion. It still seems like a dream to me.

Rubiiee:  What has been your most rewarding blogging experience so far?

Stephanie: I love it when a reader tells me that they were inspired to dress a certain way or purchase something because of my blog. It's definitely very rewarding to hear that.

Rubiiee: Do your friends and family support your blog?

Stephanie: Of course! My boyfriend is the photographer, hehe.

Rubiiee: Any advice your like to leave for the readers and fashion lovers?

Stephanie: There are no rules when it comes to fashion. Everyday is a new canvas and let fashion be your art!

Thank you for reading this interview! Also, a big thanks to Stephanie for participating!

Please check out Stephanie's blog, Lam in Louboutins!



  1. Great interview! Love Valentino as well :) I wish there was a J Crew where I lived - they have such cool and classic clothes.

    1. Thank you! I fully agree, Valention is amzing. :]

  2. Awe this was such a great post! Stephanie seems very sweet and down to earth and looooove J Crew! :)

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  4. hi lovie, this interview is great! i didn't know her blog before but i'm definitely going to check it out! i also love olivia palermo's style - it's just always perfect!
    hope you're doing well & wishing you a great weekend <3

    1. Thanks, Nee! I'm happy you've enjoyed it, love to share :D!!

      Take care!!


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