Gloomy days, gray skies, and sore throats.

I hope your skies have been fairer than mine. Save for Saturday's weather, when I had to work all day and night (as well as wait at a local clinic for a flu vaccine), these past few days have been dreadful. On top of the dreary weather I have become sick! I had to reschedule a hospital interview and visit my doctor where I experienced two unpleasant throat swabs and I'm now taking an antibiotic which is just going to kill my system for the next week or so...

Not all was lost, a enjoyed lunch at Panera Bread and did some reading amongst course work, studying, and cleaning!

Here's to feeling better and not so under the weather!



  1. Awe poor thing. Hope you feel better!!

  2. heey! thanks so much for stopping by:)
    2013's been good so far, i was quite busy with my exams but now i really start to enjoy life haha. how did it start for you?

    i'm really sorry to hear you're sick! hope you get well really soon!
    have a great day <33

  3. I have become sick in this weather as well! hope you feel better!


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