{Review} e.l.f. minerals - Mineral Eyeshadow

Hello beautiful!

Happy New Year, again! I have yet to write any dates down, but I bet I'm still going to be writing 2012 on all of my papers. I started my last undergraduate semester yesterday, so I am  super excited right now.

One of my Christmas presents surprised me this year. Generally I don't like loose eyeshadows and I haven't had much luck with e.l.f. products in a while either, but this one changed my mind.

I was given these two sets as part of a present from my older sister. She knows of my love for makeup and that I'd liked some previous e.l.f. products in the past.

These are the two sets' swatches. The brown tones on the left are from the mineral Bronze set and the cool grays on the right are from the mineral Smokey set.

These were super hard to open, not the canister themselves, but the plastic cover that was over each sifter to prevent product from causing a major mess upon opening. Other than that minor problem, on all 6 jars, they have a beautiful color pay off. Each swatch above is from one passing with no primer. 
I wore each look for over 8 hours, with primer, and did not have any problems with creasing and they all stayed intact. I've had problems with other e.l.f. eyeshadows moving and creasing even with primer in place, so this really excited me. No other pit falls to report, other than a little bit of fallout when initially applying them, as they are in a finely ground powder form.

Yes, a surprising 5/5! I can't wait to wear these again. Throughout the weekday, when I have school I don't typically do a whole face of makeup, so I probably will not use these until the weekend or if I have a special banquet to go to.


Side note: e.l.f. as far as I am aware is supposed vegan and cruelty free, which by all means is positive. However, they could go a step further and try to become more sustainable by reducing their packaging - so much unnecessary plastic and paper was used in my opinion...


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