{Review} Neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup

After last weekend's foundation fiasco, I was scurrying around to different makeup counters getting color matched, Lancome and Estee Lauder, and came out with quite a bit of samples...

I thought I would try a break from department store foundations and try a few drugstore alternatives. One of these was Neutrogena's healthy skin liquid makeup, which is supposed to be a pretty good dupe for NARS sheer glow foundation. After trying this foundation, I don't think there is any comparison. 

Since I am of a fair complexion I chose the lightest shade available, Classic Ivory 10, which matched almost perfectly.

The foundation's formula is quite watery and light. The claims are to provide a natural look, but with this claim comes a sheer coverage. I didn't find that this was a buildable formula, if you added to, the foundation would start to become patchy (starts to separate). Generally, I do prefer medium - full coverage foundations.
I did not like the bottle's design, the formula is thin and watery so it gushes out of the neck when trying to apply. It's better to dot this foundation onto the skin rather than aliquot an amount to the back of the hand.  This definitely does not have any wearing or lasting power, even setting with powder. 
My skin is normal-dry, therefore I was under the impression that this foundation was better suited for me. The finish appears dewy and "natural looking." Though I did not experience any dry patches on my skin while wearing this, I did experience several breakouts. I have developed some cystic acne spots. So very, very painful. :(
In the end, I don't know who would really be suited to wear this foundation, maybe if you had tolerable skin with no major problems, and didn't mind looking like a wreck half-way through the day because your foundation wore off... Would I purchase again? No, nor would I recommend this to a friend. I did end up returning this product to Ulta, getting my $11 back.

Pros: No horrible smell, dewy-luminous finish, no shimmer or sparkle
Cons: Watery, bad bottle design, light coverage, no lasting power, broke me out


Have you had any experience with this foundation? I've hear the new Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation was good!



  1. Oh no - sorry to hear it broke you out and the coverage and lasting power weren't up to scratch. I have a bottle of this which I bought last year but still haven't opened. It'd be interesting to see how it works on me when I do get around to trying it.

    1. Well I hope it does end up working for you, would be a shame!

  2. Great review1 Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. That's interesting, because I've heard good things about this! I am not a fan of Neutrogena products, so I probably will not be trying this because it sounds pretty bad from your review!

    1. Unfortunately, that's how it appears. I haven't really been a fan either, but I'd thought it couldn't "hurt" to try...

  4. I've never tried with these! but I need a low coverage, maybe is good for me!
    who knows!

  5. ohhh breaking out from foundation is like everyone's worst nightmare :( sorry it didn't work out for you

  6. It's a shame this product was so disappointing!

    Kimberley x


  7. Amazing blog :) I follow You ❤

    xx San☽


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