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I pretty sure that the condition of one's hair tools are tell-tell sign of their hair's health. As you can see here, mine obviously was overdue for a lift. For months, I had been combating significant hair loss, much can be attributed to the hair tools I was using. I had switched from a regular shower head, to one that filters out chlorine (which causes your scalp and hair to become dried out). 

Immediately I saw a difference in my hair health, however I was still loosing hair, just at a different rate from before. I thought, perhaps the shampoo I was using was the true culprit. Nope, I failed to over look something very important. My own hair brush.

Left: Old worn out brush | Right: New brush!

I feel foolish now for not recognizing the desperate overhaul my brush needed, but I think it's quite helpful to be informed on the quality and necessity of having a proper working brush. 

My older brush I've had for over a year (possibly closer to two years... I'm ashamed to say), and I loved it. The wooden brush helps to combat static when styling and brushing your hair, while the coated bristles are gentle on your hair and scalp. As you can see, the coated bristles had worn away leaving jagged - rough edged that can snag and damage your hair. Also, the finish on the wood started to come off. 

Just as I had adored the older brush, I purchased the same one - now, no more damaged hair! Lesson learned. I will now never take for granted my hair brush. I hope you don't either!

Now I'll leave you with some simple tips to take care of your hair tools:

  • Remove any tangled/left over hair from your brush
  • Clean your brush with shampoo (your hair might be looking dull because of a build up on your hair tool)
  • Inspect the brush for any signs of damage, this damage can translate to damage in your hair if used
  • Toss or Recycle your brush if it's too far gone. This can save you from dishing out money later for damage repair induced by your bad tool.
  • Buy a quality brush, one that is suited for your hair type and frequency of use.
I hope this helps! 

What are your own tips for brush care? Have you looked at your tools recently? Do you have a favorite hair brush?



  1. ohh I never knew you need to replace brushes like that. hmm. I should replace mine then too, maybe it will help with my hair loss too


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