{Review} Rimmel Scandal Eyes

Searching for the perfect eyeliner can be daunting. How can you try it at the store in the correct conditions without getting an infection or spreading germs? Of course you can always test it on your hand, but the oil ratio on ones hand doesn't quite translate to the waterlines or lids of the eye. An ideal liner is one which will stay-put and retain it's hold throughout the day. Not only that but the quality should be creamy, smooth and set within seconds.

Hearing loads recently about Rimmel products in general I decided to check out their Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal liners. The quality is quite superb: smooth, creamy, long lasting, and quick to set. These liners retail for $4.49 at Ulta, though they go on offer sometimes (Buy 1 get 1 50% off | Buy 2 get one free | BOGO), decent deal from Ulta considering I had a coupon as well.

Top to Bottom: Nude, Taupe, Black
Right to Left: Black, Taupe, Nude

The current range has 10 color, and they all are highly pigmented as well. I chose the 3 colors I thought I would get the most wear from. Nude is a great color for gliding on your lower waterline to brighten the eyes (nude and peach colors are a great alternative to brightening the eye with white which can make you look like a cartoon character). Taupe and black are great for using on the lash line, top and bottom, because they a smudge proof (after about 30 seconds) and are long lasting.

There is a caution I would like to offer, to forewarn you on an experience I had. These liners take about 30 seconds to "set" onto your skin. Keeping that in mind, place these on an area of your eye where you don't mind keeping open for that time period or you might have a transfer of color. These a highly pigmented colors and quite creamy so a little really does go a long way - I learned that a very difficult and harsh way.

Overall, I think these are beautiful products and a great bargain. I would most definitely repurchase and recommends to a friend!


Have you tried these liners from Rimmel, what did you think of them? What other liners are your favorite?



  1. I picked up the nude in the ScandalEyes and so far I am loving it!




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