{OOTD} I swear, I'm not grumpy.

You could just go ahead and disregard the fact that these are phone quality pictures, or not. I'll leave that choice to you. Regardless, this is the first outfit post I've done all year! WOW. So if you've ever met me or see me on a daily basis, you'll know I'm more of a blue jeans type of girl. I love pants! Not a huge skirt fan, but I'm trying... So stepping into some colored pants/jeans isn't to far out of my comfort zone, but still enough. I do have a pair of orange/coral capris, but I just think the color is so bright! I like darker colors and cooler tones and shades. 

This was the outfit I picked to wear out to celebrate my fiance's birthday, just us - later this weekend his family and I will go out to celebrate again! (All this yummy food won't be so great for my workouts!) I'm pretty sure this is the last time until October I will be able to wear a sweater, yesterday was so warm, but it rained and brought in some nice windy weather. Yielding a pretty simple outfit that is still casual yet fun.

Not sure where to place my hand, e.g., play with hair.

Suppressing laughing/shouting commands at annoyed camera operator. 

Lovin' that leather grain and texture! So sturdy.
Top: Target
Bottom: JCPenney
Heels: Target
Purse: Coach

{Rubiiee, Carolyn, who? Identity crisis! Just kidding :)}

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  1. Hi Dear! You look so pretty! (as always)
    Love your polka dots blouse :)

  2. Are you kidding me?? We got 5 inches of snow last night.

    We have more snow at the moment than we did on December 25th. Ughh!

    Anyway, you look totally gorgeous! And I REALLY love those pants!


  3. Gorgeous! I often look grumpsome when I am really quite happy too!

    We must be sassy! :)

  4. You`re so lovely! i love your outfit! xoxo


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