{Birchbox} May 2013 // My last box

Oh, hey June! Have you seen May? I think she just ran past me so fast I couldn't catch her!!!

These past few weeks have been busy, between job searching, cleaning, organizing and doing all the things I couldn't do while in school, I haven't been able to update! Also, my fiance left on military order so things have been a bit hectic up until he left while we tried to finalize some things before he went off. Now onward to today's post!

I have canceled my monthly subscription to birchbox. Through each month the integrity of the products gradually decreased over my subscription period. I've had mixed feelings throughout the duration of my subscription, but the products I received in this months box just didn't satisfy me and the price I paid for it. Ultimately I just reach a tipping point with this box and decided I was no longer going to tolerate paying for a sample service just to receive mediocre products.


Pilot Corporation of America Acroball PureWhite - This was probably one of the tipping points for my cancellation. A pen, really? Yeah I love stationary items and writing utensils, but I don't want to receive one in my deluxe beauty sample service box. My least favorite color of ink is pink, guess what I got, pink. :[

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk - I was impressed with this dry shampoo, though it definitely doesn't do anything better than what my beloved Batiste does. I would like to complement the scent of this product, not over powering or fragrant. I might consider buying it again if it was available in a store near me, but I can only seem to find online retailers for it. Quite pricey too compare to Batiste.

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner - I don't hate this liner at all, in fact it's quite nice. I takes a while for the pigment to transfer from your top waterline to the bottom as it's not completely waterproof.

COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face - I guess I'll welcome this, though the tub only appears to be partially to halfway full when I received it, not really a deluxe beauty sample. The smell reminds me of the Nair hair remover lotion... not the most pleasant smell...

Marvis Toothpaste - I don't know if oral care/hygiene would be really qualified as beauty, same with some of the food sampled birchbox throws in. This is a nice toothpaste, taste a bit like a pop an after dinner mint in. Refreshing for sure, but unexpected in my box.

All in all, I'm disappointed, I expected more ravishing products to try in my monthly sample boxes, but ended up with a bunch of duds. There have been only two items in my birchbox history that I was thoroughly impressed with enough to repurchase. One is my personal favorite razors the Shick Hydo Silk and the other was the Eyko liner pen. I still purchase the razor and have since found another favorite eyeliner brush/pen. Also, reflecting on the whole concept of sample boxes, I think they might be more directed toward people who have money they wish to spend on products they never knew existed. Meaning that they have yet to discover their favorite product of some sort and are constantly trying many products to find their HG one, and have enough money on hand to do so. For now, while I'm unemployed, I will stay away from these sample services and stick to those products I know I will reuse again and again. Obviously my opinion has changes since starting my subscription to my now canceled state. 

What's your take on sample services? 

Oh, if you know any Labs or Biotech companies in the Atlanta area who are hiring, HMU...jk...okay I'm not...I'm dead serious, let me know!



  1. I totally understand you would be disappointed, I wouldn't be happy to get a pen in my box haha but I guess that's what you gamble when you sign up for these sub boxes :) new follower by the way!


  2. oh noo.... that's kinda sad, i mean the box is sad. is that really all you got? i've read from a couple other bloggers, that they're not satisfied either. it's not just the birchbox... in the beginning all these boxes were really promising - but now they just put some weird stuff (like a pen lol) together.

    lots of love xx

    1. Yeah, it's so pitiful. That's just the trend of business with these companies. Oh well, no more for me!

  3. I've felt the exact same way. They were great in the beginning, but they started introducing really random things ... like headphones that were poor quality and cards (???) I've gotten some really weird stuff. So I ended up just getting enough Birchboxes until I had enough points for a makeup palette, and then I canceled my account. I think it's just better getting samples from Sephora or something.

    1. Yeah, Sephora samples rock! I guess I have extra $$ each month to spend on something I will actually use now. I still have some points I haven't use - waiting for a good deal on something.

  4. Yikes ... what an underwhelming box! Seriously the only thing I would like in there is the Klorane but it is definitely not worth the price of it. I guess it's like a lottery - sometimes you get really great stuff, sometimes it's extremely disappointing. At least now you've cancelled, you're saving money!

    1. Yeah, very! That's the bright side, haha!

  5. oh :( I really sad for this cause

    like your blog. what about following each other??..


  6. Hi dear, thanks for the review! :)
    Big kiss!


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