{Feature} Own Your Bed Head | 5 tips to taming the mane

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"At Casper, we know that even the perfect mattress can lead to bed head."

Casper, a new mattress start up knows the perfect mattress leads to a good nights rest, but cannot solve the hair woes that come along with that.

Waking myself up in the morning is an absolute chore. This is a task that has always taken some work, my parents, younger sister, and husband all know the expended effort that goes into this. I love my bed, I love my sleep, and I love my tea. What I don't love is the time investment required to manage my hair after a nights rest. My hair falls just below the bottom most portion of my shoulder blade. Quite long and a bit arduous at times to manage. Simply wrapping or brushing my hair isn't enough and it needs some serious work for these locks to be presentable.

Here are some of my recommendations for conquering that bedhead and owning it as your own!

1. Is flat hair your problem? Spritz a bit of dry shampoo or dab a smidgen of dry hair powder into the roots before settling into your slumber. This will act to absorb any oil that might accumulate at night on your scalp, effectively cutting down the morning battle. Next, tie your hair up into a high bun with a soft elastic that won't leave a crease, like a scrunchie. In the morning take down the bun and brush out your hair. Add more dry shampoo as needed. This always gives my hair loads of body.

2. Going for a textured look is quick if you invest some time in the night before. Before resting for the evening, french braid your hair onto damp hair. After waking, gently let out the braid and run your finger through your hair. Finish with a light/flexible hair spray.

3. No time, running late, or just don't need the fuss? Gather your hair into a high pony. If satisfied then great! Leave it. If not, then from here you can either sock bun it and lightly dust over with some flexible hair spray. It's chic and polished and it looks like you spent some time on it. Or you can throw it up into a cute messed bun. Dress either up with some accessories and it will look like you took more time than you did.

4. Another quick fix is to throw that hair into a side fishtail braid. I love the texture and the versatility (depending on your patience ) of this braid. The best thing about fishtail braids is that they are messy, yet put together. After braiding the hair into a fishtail, tug on various sections to loosen up the brain. Again, you can leave as is, or dress up with a ribbon or bow.

5. Embracing your bed head is probably the least comforting, but easiest thing to do. Good thing its on trend. Brush out your hair and touch up the roots with dry shampoo. If you don't have enough body from just the dry shampoo, teasing some small sections around the crown and sides of the head can really amp up the volume! It's tousled, slightly seductive, and it's quick and easy. If you have extra time, run through random sections with a large barreled curling iron.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my hair tips! What are your recommendations for bed head?

Sweet Dreams,


  1. LOVE all of these ideas…my hair is wavy so I find the messy do works ok with my hair… haven't quite mastered the fishtail braid but I'm working on it as it's such a beautiful style! :)

    Layla xx


  2. These are beautiful! I love the braids... miss my long hair :S



  3. i never brush my hair, so easy fixes like these are great

    mon | http://www.monsemble.ca

  4. Great idea! Can't love without dry shampoo

    I'm a HUGE HARRY POTTER fans as well x


  5. amazing hairstyles love the 2nd one! xo


  6. Aw I just enjoy reading your blog! Feel free to visit my blog at


    Follow me & I will follow you back ;)


  7. Nice advice :) I love bedhead.. I feel a bit weird if my hair is too perfect :p


  8. I love the fishtail! Though it does take a bit longer to create than the traditional plait.

  9. Shorter hair is even better for beadhead! So many cute looks and less time.

  10. I agree. =] Thanks for the comment.

  11. Yay! Hello fellow Harry Potter fan! =]

    I know. Dry shampoo is my savior.

  12. Agreed! I prefer a bit of texture and body.

  13. Some great tips, I always feel like I want my hair to be MORE bedhead somehow ha!


    B xx


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