The Retrospective Penultimate Summer Bucket List

There were so many things I wanted to do this summer and planed to accomplish before starting medical school. Looking retrospectively, I am so thankful for the summer I had this year. I visited some new places and really enjoyed my time off before things got hectic.

My bucket list for the summer mirrored that of a to do list with spurs of activities.

ROADTRIP! New Orleans, Houston, Austin, and Orlando were all places I traveled to this summer. I am happy I was able to go enjoy and experience different parts of the country. I really wanted to take a summer trip to Helen, GA - never got around to it though.

Explore and be more adventurous

After being trapped at school for an entire year I yearned for nothing more than to explore, stay outside, and soak up the summer sun. I had ambitions to visit the mountains, the beach, different parts of the state I've never been to, as well as some national parks and nature preserves. I wanted to go hiking, tubing, and camping - all outdoorsy types of activities I wouldn't normally do... I didn't get to accomplish this, but that's okay.

Go outside everyday and enjoy the sun

I went outside most days, but didn't really stay out for to long. I always underestimate how miserable the summers are in the south.

Go to the pool

I only visited the pool 3 times this summer. Pasty legs for me =]

Visit my sister
I love you sister, glad you are back home! Texas was fun. And a big thanks to Shani.

Go to Harry Potter world


Craft/DIY projects
Stay tuned for some upcoming project posts! I am so pleased I got these ideas translated into what I wanted.

Blog More

Well... you can be the judge of that!

Organize closet and create a capsule wardrobe
No I did not accomplish this, though I did weed out many articles of clothing for donation!

Have family dinners and spend more time with my family
This is something I desperately missed during the school year. I was so thankful to have a few rare moments in the summer where everyone's schedule matched up to spend some quality time together. I am especially thankful to have enjoyed a sleepover with my little nephew who I deeply love! Thanks for playing Legos with me kiddo and entertaining my love for Harry Potter. =]

Edit makeup collection
Oh yes, I pared down quite a bit what was long over due. I am quite chuffed with my collection. I cannot believe the amount of makeup I own as I rarely have the time to wear a full face.

Fix up the bedroom
Finally, all pictures are up! 2 weeks after summer started Q and I finally got out wedding photos back. Ah. So happy to have them up and hanging in our home. I made some photobooks and albums to send to family too. In addition to the photos, I found the right Euro pillows I had wanted. They were ordered off of Overstock and are perfect for our queen. Our nightstands also were recently ordered and I changed the hardware on them to match that of the updated dresser.

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I started 3 books during the summer and didn't finish any of them! I'm so irritated. Next time, I'll just take on one book at a time. Lesson learned.
Wicked: 1/2
God Save the Queen: 1/3
Orson Scott Card:1/4


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