Being an Influenster

Almost two years ago I was invited to become a member of the Influenster program. I was so elated when I got my email saying I was accepted and that a VoxBox was on it's way to my door step for me to review. I had seen many reviews previously from current members and wanted to contribute my opinions to each new campaign. I've been a part of a variety of campaigns since I've begun my membership and aquired numerous badges ranging from camping to fulfilling my sweet tooth!

Some of my favorite campaigns include the Mary Kay box, which happened to be my first VoxBox and the Dr. Scholls active inserts.

These Dr. Scholls inserts followed so months after to review and I only have praise for these guys.

I think the opportunity to be an Influenster is phenomenal. You have the chance to try products and honestly tell the company, Influenster and the public your feelings toward the product.

Stay tuned for the next campaign I am a part of!



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