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I've learned many life lessons while in medical schools. One of those is if you were a clean person before entering school and are slightly obsessive about organization, this desire/fixation will be heightened (by times a million) during testing weeks or stressful test blocks. Having products in a home with a small animal (or child for that matter) which you know won't cause severe harm to said organism really puts you at an ease of mind.

Recently, I received a kit of BioKleen products in a giveaway hosted by Carmen. I was oddly overjoyed to find out I was being sent cleaning products! I love have a clean and fresh smelling place to call home, it keeps the stress levels low.

The products from BioKleen were exceptionally packed for liquid products, each product was individually bagged and bubble wrapped. I have been testing each since the shipment and I am looking forward to trying more products from the company.The four products I received are:

Natural dish liquid
Liquid laundry
All purpose cleaner
Bac-out fresh lemon-thyme natural fabric refresher

I really have enjoyed using all of these product and I have even spotted them at my local grocery store so I will definitely be repurchasing them now! Thank you BioKleen and Carmen!



  1. To be
    honest, I like your blog very much! I think that you do a great job! Everything
    is so beautiful!

    I’ll be
    happy to see you in my blog!)


  2. Hi Carolyn! How are you? Haven't heard from you in a while :-)

    lots of love xx

  3. these products sound very interesting

    following you on gfc


    Inspirations Have I None // GIVEAWAY

  4. Thanks for sharing with us! I'm definitely going to check out these products... I wouldn't want to harm my little furbabies!


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