{Review} Chomp Snack Sticks

Upon my husbands return from deployment, and even throughout, I've been trying my best to ensure that he has healthier protein options available for his daily snaking and meals. He has a busy lifestyle, from being in the military to being a student and being my husband (I'm a lot of work...), and I want to make sure he is getting wholesome and filling protein options to help keep him healthy and fit throughout his daily routine.

Recently, we had the opportunity to try out a new product called Chomp Snack Sticks. I was excited to try this product as it fills many of the categories we look for in our snack options, they are high in protein (9g) for the amount of calories (100 kcal) relative to their cholesterol, sodium and fat amounts. Additionally, these snack sticks are soy-free and gluten-free using grass fed beef raised without added hormones or antibiotics and have no MSG or preservatives, like nitrates!

We were sent a variety pack of six chomps two each of:
  • Original
  • Hoppin' Jalapeno
  • Crankin' Cran

Our favorite of the three options was the Hoppin' Japaleno and I enjoyed the Crankin' Cran, which has a nice jelly filled center! They do not have a bad after taste nor do they have an oily residue associate with them and are a healthier version of a Slim Jim! The only negative I can think of is that I had a hard time opening the packaging.

We are hoping to find these in the local grocery store soon, as we would definitely would be taking them on the go in our busy lives that we lead!

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