Keeping yourself Fit & Healthy

With our increasingly busy schedules and the impending cooler days ahead, it's easy to call out from your gym session or just go straight home to your comfy clothes and warm home. I too fall prey to this ill demise. In my journey to keep a fit life among all outside inclinations, I'd like to share a few items and tricks that I use to stay active to help inspire you to be more active and get fit for life!

1. Drink water throughout the day: Keep a bottle of water on hand and set goals to drink throughout the day. I personally aim to refill mine at lunch and again before heading to the gym ensuring that I am getting my adequate amount of at least 64 oz a day.
2. Fight that end of the work day slump: Finding the energy at the end of the workday to carry yourself through a complete workout can be quite the feat. If I'm not able to get to my afternoon caffeine fix, then the motivation to get to the gym I had the night before and maybe that morning of are going right out the window. That is of course, unless I don't have my energy gummies on hand. I like the Olly band ones, they are green tea based with a hint of ginger that adds a kick!
3. Keep a fitness journal: I keep, on my phone, what workouts I like to rotate through. This helps me to be more aware of which exercises worked best for me. I guess that's my type A personality trying to break out.
4. Pack your gym back the evening before: If you have everything ready when you leave for the morning you are more likely to be more inclined to carry through with your plan. Also it saves you the temptation of staying at home when your intentions were to grab your gym gear and head to the gym. (GUILTY)
5. Confidence in your gym gear: Look the part feel the part! If I am confident in what I am wearing for my gym session, then I know I can power through a full workout, retaining both my comfort and concentration.

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What are your tips for a more fit & healthy life style? Please let me know if you found this helpful!

**I am not being paid or receiving any compensation from this post**


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