Wednesday, December 26, 2012

{Feature} My New Glasses: Firmoo

Hello lovely!

I hope your Christmas is going well. I feel like I haven't had a break since my winter break started. I arrived home yesterday after visiting my family in Massachusetts, and just now got home from house hopping family Christmas parties.

When I got home I noticed I had received a package...
A few weeks ago I was contacted by Firmoo, a global online optics store, to participate in receiving a pair of glasses. Having needing a new pair of glasses for a while, I felt very lucky to have to opportunity. I'd like to share a little bit of my experience with you.

Firmoo has a variety of different styles to choose from, more than 300 styles, all moderately priced. With both generic and designer glasses, they offer many choices.

I wasn't sure of this company to begin with, as I hadn't heard of them before. I started to look around their website, check out customer reviews and found them to be really helpful. Then I saw that Dawn of See it, Love it, Swatch it had also had an experience with Firmoo. This made me a bit more interested to try them out.

I selected a prescription (rx) pair of specks for myself. Even though I have a light rx it's still a good idea to keep a pair around and thought this could be a perfect pair to keep in my bag or car encase I need them.

This pair is very similar in appearance to the Banana Republic glasses I own from my Optics Center locally. So I was comfortable picking out this pair.

This is an acrylic material so the bridge piece is plastic, which I'm fine with. The last pair I had was wire and the nose pieces were constantly moving, so this is a welcomed change.

I enjoyed the silver detail on this pair and thought it would work nicely with my jewelry pieces, and I generally favor white gold and silver to yellow.

I was also shipped this very nice neoprene mesh type bag which contained extra screws and a double ended tool for any needed repair work. Nice touch Firmoo, nice touch.

Firmoo is great, why?
  • They offer a free first pair, pay for shipping! A $30+ pair of glasses for shipping cost is a great deal. (Please check
  • On their website, they offer a virtual try on system where you can upload your own picture! This really helped me in making my decision. 
I think anyone now days is suitable for glasses, of course some people need them for RX reasons; in my case I only have to wear them in class or for studying - nothing serious. They make a great fashion accessory, especially sunglasses, which Firmoo offers as well. Check them out!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

{Birchbox} December 2012

Whew! Finials are finally over. This semester has been quite challenging - only one more left until graduation. I’m currently on break, just started this past Friday and yesterday was my travel day to the northern part of the United States.

Now, onward to this months Birchbox. This month was a bit reflective of the season, candy striped box lid and winter skin care products! Please enjoy :)!


I was pleased with this month’s box, these items I can see myself using all of them! I was really excited to see the Tea Forte products as well as with the clarifying shampoo.


Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture

This is a great scent - I'd liked to describe, but I doubt I have the best ability for that. I've wanted this for a while, so a sample is welcomed.
Tea Forté® skin-smart™ Teas

My box included three different varieties of teas from Tea Forte. All are green tea based; cucumber mint, cherry marzipan and a honey flavor! Excited to try, though I doubt I'll see any quality improvement to my skin in one passing.
per-fékt Beauty Lash Perfection Gel

I think I might give this product to my mother, as I don't see any priming or conditioning uses for myself. Happy to receive this though!
Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo

This is a super highly concentrated shampoo. I tried this out (of course without reading the directions) and the consistency is a lot like honey. Don't put this in your hair without emulsifying it or you will have a hard time moving it about on you scalp. I enjoyed this product, lovely smell.
Frownies® Eye Gels

It can't hurt to try and repair or correct wrinkles and dark circles, I don't think I have either (not to sound egotistical), but I'd like to see if the hyaluronic acid could help at all with the appearance of my skin

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{Feature} Interviewing Lam in Louboutins' Stephanie!


I had the wonderful opportunity to interview a lovely fashion blogger. Stephanie of Lam in Louboutins has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers. I think she pieces together beautiful outfits, with different colors, patterns, and textures all mixed to create a unique array of outfits.

Rubiiee (Me!): What prompted you to start a fashion blog?

Stephanie: I was actually bored during the summer at work, since it's our off season, and I started surfing the web and discovered these wonderful things called blogs. I started with Cupcakes and Cashmere, then found Wendy's Lookbook, then went on to discover Atlantic-Pacific and so forth. I wanted to start a blog that combined the two things I loved, fashion and food (mostly making desserts). Not many of my readers know this, but when I first started my blog it was titled Sweets and Chic Boutiques. But I decided to be more fashion focused as I got further into blogging and changed my blog to Lam in Louboutins.

Rubiiee: Who has been your greatest fashion influence?

Stephanie: I would have to say Olivia Palermo. I just love her classic style, but she always knows how to add a pop of something to her outfits! Lately though, I am absolutely obsessed with Blair from Atlantic Pacific. She can do no wrong in my books.

Rubiiee: Where do you gather inspiration from?

Stephanie: I love flipping through the J.Crew style guide every month. I love how they casually mix prints and patterns and textures so beautifully.

Rubiiee: Who are your favorite designers?

Stephanie: There are so many favorites, but my ultimate has got to be Valentino (but Miu Miu is a close second)  it's the perfect combination of girly and edgy. For shoes though, I obviously love Louboutins.

Rubiiee: What are your favorite places to shop?

Stephanie: J.Crew is my number one place to shop, they fit my personal style perfectly

Rubiiee: What do you invision your blogging feature to be?

Stephanie: I am so happy with the direction my blog is going. I hope that it can continue growing and reaching out to other readers and just be an inspiration to people.

Rubiiee: How has blogging affected your career decisions, has this lead them anywhere new?

Stephanie: I'm actually an accountant at Ernst and Young and I'm currently pursuing my CPA license. As much as I'd love to have a career in fashion, I haven't yet thought about actually pursuing a career in fashion. It still seems like a dream to me.

Rubiiee:  What has been your most rewarding blogging experience so far?

Stephanie: I love it when a reader tells me that they were inspired to dress a certain way or purchase something because of my blog. It's definitely very rewarding to hear that.

Rubiiee: Do your friends and family support your blog?

Stephanie: Of course! My boyfriend is the photographer, hehe.

Rubiiee: Any advice your like to leave for the readers and fashion lovers?

Stephanie: There are no rules when it comes to fashion. Everyday is a new canvas and let fashion be your art!

Thank you for reading this interview! Also, a big thanks to Stephanie for participating!

Please check out Stephanie's blog, Lam in Louboutins!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

{Birchbox} November 2012


Ah, finally getting to post up my November Birchbox. I know it's late, and now already December, but might as well inform you of what is available to purchase through the Birchbox shop.


I was excited to see the mascara and hair powder in this box, as well as the lip butter. I love lip products! The body serum as wasn't as excited for, though it smells wonderful. Also, the cologne sample was a plus as I can give this to a friend.

Lulu Organics® Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder
Initially I was excited to see a hair powder in my box! I have tried it, and I am not impressed. Generally, I use tapioca starch as my dry shampoo and it seems to work perfectly for my hair type. The Lulu powder seems chalky and grainy, which leaves my hair feeling heavy. 
Mox Botanicals Lip Butter
I love the fact that this is an all organic lip product; I have so many that aren't, but still love and use them. 
ModelCo FIBRE LASHXTEND Lengthening Mascara
This is a water resistant product, so it will still move if your lashes are to get wet. This was a fullsize product, and I can see myself using this. The color is in black, my preference, and extends and separates the lashes without clumping. Oh! There is a handy little mirror houses on the underbelly of this mascara. 
One Love Organics® Aromatic Body Serum
I have drier skin, so I liked that this was included in my box. Though all of the One Love Organics are pumpkin seed based, and I'm not the biggest fan of pumpkin, I'll still give it a shot. 
John Varvatos Artisan 2.5 oz
This is a really gorgeous scent. Very woody and masculine, obviously as this is a man's cologne sample. I'll still welcome this in my box though!
How was your Birchbox this month? Anything you like here?