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Nutrition to Sustain your Fitness

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a restful weekend and is prepared to conquer the week! I was very fortunate this weekend to have my parents come over. We finally had a chance to catch up and they cooked us such a nice meal with so much leftover to freeze for the next few weeks.

Last week I started my pediatrics rotation after finishing an awesome month of learning on surgery. I definitely know surgery isn't my passion, but I did enjoy my month learning, seeing different procedures and surgeries. That said, I am relieved to have my nails back and to not worry about scrubbing in for a surgery everyday! 

While last month was a whirlwind from irregular hours and copious amounts of traveling, I tried my best to stay active in my fitness routine and maintain a balanced diet. As much of my time was spent on the go, I resorted to fitting in short meals or nutrient dense snack in between cases or clinic time. Generally I stick to nuts, seeds, fresh fruit when I can get it, and protein bars …

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