{DIY}: Stud Earring Holder

Creating this updated version of my stud earring holder was very simple. I had been wanting to update the look of my previous holder to increase the visual esthetic of my bedroom. Functionality, for studs and hooks, the holder is still very appropriate and the addition of the metal increases the overall integrity of the holder. I purchased my frame from IKEA and the perforated sheet metal from Home Depot. Home Depot offers a range if different sizes and style of perforated sheet metal, including varying sizes of holes. They do sell a  style that is more suited for studs, but I loved the design of the style that I purchased.

  • Perforated sheet metal
  • IKEA TOLSBY Picture frame
  • Tin snips
  1. Measure the insert of the frame to the sheet of metal.
  2. Carefully cut the perforated sheet metal (Caution the metal sharp and little pieces of metal and float around or end up on the surface you are cutting them on.) 
  3. Cut to size 
  4. Fit into frame
  5. Assemble frame to base
Optional: Paint frame

If you are into DIY or more personal gifts for the holiday, this would be a simple and creative gift to give someone!





  1. Wonderful idea, looks stylish and practical!!


  2. Great idea! I need something like this. Currently I throw all my jewelry into a box, which causes everything to get scattered and/or tangled. This is too cute.


    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  3. That is really cute.

    Kate Spade handbag giveaway on the blog right now, come check it out.

    xx, Jodi

  4. This is a great idea, I might try this! I mean, ask my boyfriend to make me one since I'm terrible at DIY!
    The Caramel Cat

  5. Hi Carolyn! thank you so much for your comment over on my blog:)
    i hope you are doing well! is it already all about christmas where you live?:)

    i think idea is super cute! this would make such a cute christmas gift!
    i should definitely have something like this as well, currently i'm throwing all of my earrings in a little box haha.

    lots of love xx

  6. I love this! Got to love a bit of DIY! :)


  7. That turned out so well! It seems like a relatively simple process - something even a person new to crafting could do. And what a cute DIY gift idea!

    Charlotte | sailorwithastethoscope.wordpress.com

  8. that's a really cool idea and it turned out nicely, totally match your bedroom decors!

  9. Thanks so much! Yep, my exact problem.

  10. Haha, I'm sure you can do this one yourself - it was so simple.

  11. Thanks so much, Nee! It's getting to be about that time. Enjoying the colder weather and warmer clothes =]

  12. Kris {Driven by Décor}February 2, 2015 at 12:07 PM

    Carolyn, this is so smart! I actually have a decorative metal sheet similar to yours that I bought months and months ago but haven't figured out a purpose for it yet. Just love your solution! Thanks for linking up to Best of the Nest!


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