Sunday, March 31, 2013

{Birchbox} March 2013

It's that time again, I always receive my Birchbox a bit later than when it actually arrives; I have to wait to pick up my mail at the end of the week.

Last months and this months box were pretty great. That being said,  I have high hopes for April.

The products are so beautiful...

How cute is this emery board?

I hit my eyeshadow with my nail when I first opened it, too excited I guess.


Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream
I am excited to try this, the smell is amazing the claim is to be moisturizing.
Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse
I'm not too sure how to feel about this, maybe I am not using it correctly? This left my hair feeling hard and looked oily. I'm a fan of the Redken Guts 10 spray, but I'll give this another go.
Madewell for Birchbox Nail Emery Board
Super cute, already put this in my purse. What's additionally great about this is that the board has a cover on it so it won't scuff your purse lining. 
MAKE Face Primer SPF 30
I haven't really been able to tell a difference with this yet, because the sample is so dang small, but I am enjoying it. 
MAKE Satin Finish Eyeshadow
I have recently begun to year navy and blue eyeshadows, so I was comfortable and trilled to see this color in my box. Perfect to use day and night!
What did you receive this month?


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{Review} Rimmel Scandal Eyes

Searching for the perfect eyeliner can be daunting. How can you try it at the store in the correct conditions without getting an infection or spreading germs? Of course you can always test it on your hand, but the oil ratio on ones hand doesn't quite translate to the waterlines or lids of the eye. An ideal liner is one which will stay-put and retain it's hold throughout the day. Not only that but the quality should be creamy, smooth and set within seconds.

Hearing loads recently about Rimmel products in general I decided to check out their Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal liners. The quality is quite superb: smooth, creamy, long lasting, and quick to set. These liners retail for $4.49 at Ulta, though they go on offer sometimes (Buy 1 get 1 50% off | Buy 2 get one free | BOGO), decent deal from Ulta considering I had a coupon as well.

Top to Bottom: Nude, Taupe, Black
Right to Left: Black, Taupe, Nude

The current range has 10 color, and they all are highly pigmented as well. I chose the 3 colors I thought I would get the most wear from. Nude is a great color for gliding on your lower waterline to brighten the eyes (nude and peach colors are a great alternative to brightening the eye with white which can make you look like a cartoon character). Taupe and black are great for using on the lash line, top and bottom, because they a smudge proof (after about 30 seconds) and are long lasting.

There is a caution I would like to offer, to forewarn you on an experience I had. These liners take about 30 seconds to "set" onto your skin. Keeping that in mind, place these on an area of your eye where you don't mind keeping open for that time period or you might have a transfer of color. These a highly pigmented colors and quite creamy so a little really does go a long way - I learned that a very difficult and harsh way.

Overall, I think these are beautiful products and a great bargain. I would most definitely repurchase and recommends to a friend!


Have you tried these liners from Rimmel, what did you think of them? What other liners are your favorite?


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{Hair Care} Quality Hair Tools: Brushes

I pretty sure that the condition of one's hair tools are tell-tell sign of their hair's health. As you can see here, mine obviously was overdue for a lift. For months, I had been combating significant hair loss, much can be attributed to the hair tools I was using. I had switched from a regular shower head, to one that filters out chlorine (which causes your scalp and hair to become dried out). 

Immediately I saw a difference in my hair health, however I was still loosing hair, just at a different rate from before. I thought, perhaps the shampoo I was using was the true culprit. Nope, I failed to over look something very important. My own hair brush.

Left: Old worn out brush | Right: New brush!

I feel foolish now for not recognizing the desperate overhaul my brush needed, but I think it's quite helpful to be informed on the quality and necessity of having a proper working brush. 

My older brush I've had for over a year (possibly closer to two years... I'm ashamed to say), and I loved it. The wooden brush helps to combat static when styling and brushing your hair, while the coated bristles are gentle on your hair and scalp. As you can see, the coated bristles had worn away leaving jagged - rough edged that can snag and damage your hair. Also, the finish on the wood started to come off. 

Just as I had adored the older brush, I purchased the same one - now, no more damaged hair! Lesson learned. I will now never take for granted my hair brush. I hope you don't either!

Now I'll leave you with some simple tips to take care of your hair tools:

  • Remove any tangled/left over hair from your brush
  • Clean your brush with shampoo (your hair might be looking dull because of a build up on your hair tool)
  • Inspect the brush for any signs of damage, this damage can translate to damage in your hair if used
  • Toss or Recycle your brush if it's too far gone. This can save you from dishing out money later for damage repair induced by your bad tool.
  • Buy a quality brush, one that is suited for your hair type and frequency of use.
I hope this helps! 

What are your own tips for brush care? Have you looked at your tools recently? Do you have a favorite hair brush?


Thursday, March 14, 2013

{Review} Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation

As you know, I've been searching for a replacement foundation for my Estee Lauder Double Wear since the formula's change (and now the new color I've been match to is mysteriously out everywhere!!!). This change brought me to try many new and different foundations, from high end to drugstore. Here is one of my new drugstore finds:

COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation

As fitting for me with most foundations, I've opted to try the lightest of the current batch. This color isn't truly the lightest any foundation could be, but I suppose it will work for the moment.

This foundation doesn't have a great off putting/chemical smell that some drugstore makeup might have. The coverage is medium, which can be built up without looking overdone or cakey, which is decent for this product. It's finish turns silky and smooth after the initial application, which does mean that it sets a bit fast, which can be a good thing, but you have to blend it in quickly. This initially lead to some complications when I tried applying it, first with a regular foundation brush, then a sponge, followed by a stippling brush, which all left a streaky and patchy look. I finally figured out that you have to work quickly with the formula and that a dense type of brush is more suited for this, like the Real Techniques buffing foundation brush. Together they are magic.
Now, I do have some lingering reservations that don't make me want to continue using this. This is solely based on the coloring of the foundation. When you first apply this the color is relatively close to the color in the bottle. However, following with a translucent setting powder (like my favorite Make Up Forever HD) the color will continue to oxidize to a shade darker than my natural color. With that being said, make sure to blend down onto the neck for a better color match....
Lastly, I think if you are all but fair this might be a good foundation for you. Covergirl offers quite a selection of colors, for medium and dark. All around, this foundation is quite lovely. I will keep it on hand, though I don't think I have found my HG foundation quite yet.  


Have you tried this foundation yet? What do you think?


Friday, March 1, 2013

{Birchbox} February 2013

Well... hello there! I am so happy to be back blogging. Last week I was informed of an event so I've been running around ever since preparing for it! I really want that preparation to pay off... so fingers-crossed! Also, yes it's March and this is February's box, but I got some amazing things I want to share.

The weather has just been so unpredictable recently. The forecast will say to expect rain, but it will be clear all day. Then the next it's super overcast without any precipitation. So this makes taking pictures a bit hard, especially when I'm in all day and do not get home until dark.

I liked this months birchbox a lot, a whole lot.

Maybe you can see why?


Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel Squares
Delicious chocolate with a caramel center. I was quite surprised to see chocolate, but then again I have received food in my boxes before, so naturally it was the first thing I tried!
Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
I just love what this claims to do, hopefully it lives up to that.  
Jouer Matte Moisture Tint
I didn't get much use out of this tint, it's rather a small quantity, but I did enjoy the Jouer Luminous tint I got from them a few months ago. 
Juicy Couture Couture La La
 Not exactly my scent, but I think it's still nice. I think it has those crisper notes, like pear? 
TIGI Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo
This stuff rocks! I just hate the smell, but you get a pretty decent amount of dry shampoo for traveling.