Friday, April 26, 2013

{Birchbox} April 2013

Another month another Birchbox! This months had some pretty cool things to try and somethings that I've *needed*


Caudalie Divine Oil - 100 ml 
With my insanely dry skin, this was such a great sample to receive. This oil has a nice fragrance, that doesn't linger for to long. Additionally, no bad oily residue is left after applying (maybe because my skin is dry...).
Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle
My reservations on using leave-in products and oils are that my second-day hair won't look so great. That isn't the case with this. I can put it throughout my hair and still have great hair the next day. Not to mention this smells great. I'm thinking about repurchasing...
Hail Merry Macaroons
A fun treat to recieve, chocolate and coconut laced treats!
Supergoop!® Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream
I have heard of CC creams, but didn't think to try them. So receiving this was okay with me. There isn't any coverage with this product, it basically adds a layer of color to try and even out the skin (CC = Color Corrector). Might be a bit dark for my palor....
LaFace Laboratories BEAUX YEUX Beautiful Eyes Concentrate Intensive
No sure if this is any different from any other eye cream, but I don't mind giving it a go!
Do you get a birchbox? Which of these products would you like to try?


Monday, April 15, 2013

A Weekend Review

 This week/weekend threw me totally off as to which season we were in. This week was super hot, compared to what the weather has been. Moving on into the weekend the temperatures dipped down again so I could wear sweaters... yay comfort!

While it is spring, I thought I could start wearing some of those more summer/spring shades. This one is a Revlon Lip Butter in Gumdrop, a lovely lilac pastel purple.

A lapse of clarity in the sky before the rain rolled in for the weekend, time to stay indoors and avoid the pollen!

Started working out with Blogilates for her April challenge, Cassey Ho I love you! You make that burn feel good. 

Finally got that dunkin', Raspberry Coffee!

Something you might have know about me, I was an extra in a few movies, including this super raunchy film: 

Yeah, not so proud of that fact, hahaha. I did get to stand next to Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis...

AH! Thought I'd share, I realized through conversation with a friend, of my own statement that there are only 3 weeks left until I FINALLY graduate undergrad!! Graduate school status: pending. *sigh*

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Friday, April 12, 2013

{OOTD} I swear, I'm not grumpy.

You could just go ahead and disregard the fact that these are phone quality pictures, or not. I'll leave that choice to you. Regardless, this is the first outfit post I've done all year! WOW. So if you've ever met me or see me on a daily basis, you'll know I'm more of a blue jeans type of girl. I love pants! Not a huge skirt fan, but I'm trying... So stepping into some colored pants/jeans isn't to far out of my comfort zone, but still enough. I do have a pair of orange/coral capris, but I just think the color is so bright! I like darker colors and cooler tones and shades. 

This was the outfit I picked to wear out to celebrate my fiance's birthday, just us - later this weekend his family and I will go out to celebrate again! (All this yummy food won't be so great for my workouts!) I'm pretty sure this is the last time until October I will be able to wear a sweater, yesterday was so warm, but it rained and brought in some nice windy weather. Yielding a pretty simple outfit that is still casual yet fun.

Not sure where to place my hand, e.g., play with hair.

Suppressing laughing/shouting commands at annoyed camera operator. 

Lovin' that leather grain and texture! So sturdy.
Top: Target
Bottom: JCPenney
Heels: Target
Purse: Coach

{Rubiiee, Carolyn, who? Identity crisis! Just kidding :)}

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Monday, April 8, 2013

{Review} Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes


I was not overly impressed with these cleansing towelettes. These actually came as a bonus on an extra large Q-Tip package, so I'd thought I'd give them a try. Just to start, I'm a bit confused about how these Wet Cleansing Towelettes are to retain moisture and moisturizing properties if they contain kaolin clay or kaolinite.

If you aren't too familiar with kaolin clay, it's a type of clay that is mined in the southern part of the United States, where I currently reside. So I'm not going to claim to be an expert, but when my state required us to learn our State's History, this was among some of the stranger facts I retained. Kaolin clay or kaolinite is a mineral formed in humid beds of rock. Typically it has a white color and a powder texture. For industrial uses, it is the primary component of ceramics, an organic "pesticide" and covers crops from excess UV exposure, used to quail and soothe upset stomachs (AKA, treatment for diarrhea), and finally used as clay masks to absorb excess oils.

Based on those two last statements you might see why it was a bit hard for me to digest these cloths being wet and moisturizing. I digress...

So right of the bat I noticed these cloths were drying to my skin. The kaolin mineral itself was added to "draw" out impurities from within the skin. (Do you know how hard it is for molecules to pass through layers of skin? Oil, yes, because you have dedicated glands for that secretion.) Anyways, these have a bit of a babypowdery smell, something I'm not the biggest fan of. They did a decent job of removing makeup, face and eye. However, I still needed to follow up with a cleansing oil.

As a person with dry skin I would not advise anyone with dry skin to purchase these. If you suffer from oily skin, I see no problem with these. I don't recall having any new breakouts or this causing any, but that was just my experience.

My friend just told me today that I should try the new Garnier face wipes, because they are super moist and way better than my beloved Simple ones... we shall see!



Have you used these? Do you generally use facial wipes, how do you remove your makeup.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

{Favorites} March 2013

March as been such an amazing month! If you happen to follow me on Instagram then you will have seen something very exciting. This excitement is very fitting for this year too, as the pantone color of the year is emerald and my life this month has included many tones and shades of green.  On St. Patrick's Day, my boyfriend and I became engaged! It's been quite a happy time, just enjoying all the new changes that will be happening in our new life together and planing for that.

Another change I've been going through has been since November 2011. I colored my dyed blonde hair brunette and chopped off my hair to my chin to get rid of all of dead ends, since the blonde dye damaged a lot of hair. Ever since I have been growing out the color and my hair. I hate to admit this, but the first proper hair cut I've had since then happened this month. HAHA. That's so horrible... So as I continue to grow out my hair and take care of it, I have invested to some new products.

To start of with, I have begun to use the Redken body full shampoo and conditioner, these are lovely concentrated products. It really does take only a little bit to cleanse and condition one's hair. I always look forward to the days I wash my hair so I can use these. They cleanse and hydrate my hair nicely without doing to much stripping or leaving my hair flat. Hey, I'm from the south and we like big hair... Continuing with hair care, I have started to use aerosol spray dry shampoo again, after experiencing the TGI catwalk series spray from last months birchbox. After using that I realized how much more of a convenience having a spray dry shampoo is rather than having powdered, which I had been using. I started off by using the Batiste dry shampoo in the Original Formula, a nice clean scent, its the one in the green and yellow striped can. Though I have used it up and I am now currently using the paisley scent, which smells luxurious.

Skincare was all about hydration. I've been using my Origins Drink Up Intensive mask quite a bit more frequently than before. I love how my skin looks after using it, so I've started to use this many more times a week as a pick-me-up when my skin is looking a bit dull. Anyone know of a good exfoliating product for face or body or both? My choice of hand cream currently has been Neutrogena's hand cream. I like to stay away from scented skincare and makeup products so this fits that preference perfectly. I feels a lot like AVON's silk gloves lotion... I cannot remember the name, but it leaves a silky texture behind which coats your hand. Very nice.

Make up in March was kept very minimal, it was a busy month and I didn't have a whole lot of time to spend dolling my self up. A favorite mascara of mine is the Maybelline Mega Plush Volume, the thick brush is pack with loads of bristles which lengthen and volumize lashes. Keeping with the eyes, I have been in love with my Urban Decay Naked Basic's palette. This really is the perfect set of neutral colors for everyday looks, making my morning makeup routine a bit easier! As for lips, I kept coming back and using a beloved lipstick from M.A.C, blankety. I won't go into too much detail since I have a whole blog post dedicated to this.

Well, this mammoth of a post is now over. I did have a favorite jewelry piece of the month *cough*engagement ring*cough*, but I don't think I'll include it cause it's one of a kind and nobody can purchase it...

What were your favorites in March, did you try any of the products I mentioned?