Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vox Box | Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Sally Hansen is in no way a new brand to me, it's actually quite familiar. I think when I first painted my nails I had used a color by them, something in the family of navy blue. I was always attracted to the darker colors, even though it looked quite ghastly and ghoulish against my intense pallor. Regardless of my prior experience I hadn't really looked into Sally Hansen colors in recent years, expect for my dismal review here.

Given that, I was a little apprehensive to give these colors and formulas a chance. My first experience with "Pat on the Black" wasn't the best...  Though to give an objective review I wanted to try out all the colors with ample time for wear.

I am not exactly sure if the formula that is currently being used for these polishes is new or radically different from when I last tried Sally Hansen nail polishes, but I'd have to say the application of the polish to my nails had improved since I last tried them. The polish didn't have any overwhelming scent, applied smoothly, and dried to a glossy finish.

The polish boasts to have 7 benefits, as seen pictured, but I'm not convinced that these polishes meet all the claims. For one thing, the color "Jaded" chipped the first day I wore it as did the color "Red my Lips." I haven't seen a significant growth of my nails since wearing these, nor have I noticed any resilient strengthening.

The bottle color for "Red my Lips" is true to color and only required a single coat to achieve. However, to get the same color pay off for "Jaded" and "Pat on the Black" 2 -3 coats were required, which significantly increased the time required to dry. 

These aren't a terrible formulated polish, but they do require some patience, which I think true for many polishes. For a good application I would recommend preparing the nails with a base coat and following with a top coat after the color.


"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."