Saturday, May 17, 2014

Empites #4

Before the move, I attempted by best to use up the many products I have purchased to make way for better and bigger thing!! for more suitable products. That's the point right?

It took me ages to use up both the Simple moisturizing facial wash and the Garnier Fructis sleek and shine leave-in conditioning cream. Neither turned to be a longtime favorite, but their existence served for a time. Both are very affordable being just around $6. The facial wash is fragrance-free and even though it claims to be moisturizing, made my face feel tight and dry. The leave-in conditioner worked decently, but I wanted to more complex product that has thermal properties. Also, I was not to fond of the fruity smell that often accompanies Garnier Fructis products, as it lingers for too long. Least to say, I'm glad that both of these have finally parted my bathroom cabinet.

The other products have proved to be common staples in my day to day routine. I'll try to spare you next time and omit them (the ever favorite simple cleansing wipes are a common item I use - hence, not seen here ). Boot's makes some pretty impressive products and I am happy to finally see the No 7 range at Ulta. The expert line from Boots has some really impressive items. I have been using the sensitive toner daily in the morning (have I mentioned that before? I vaguely remember). The eye makeup removing pads are some of the better eye makeup removing products I have tried. They remove everything and are gentle.

A favorite shampoo and conditioner combination I have been for over a year now is the Redken Body Full line. This keeps my hair looking full, moisturized, and health without the added weight. Actually, I adore many of the Redken products and use some of their texture and volumizers regularity as well. Lastly, the Skintimates shave cream for dry and the sensitive skin formulation are some of the more affordable and best shave product I used. Having the right shaving products are important for going bare legged, and especially important for the approaching summer months! I will continue to repurchase this also.

What products have you use up recently? Any new favorites? Kindly let me know, I'd love to try out something new =].


Monday, May 5, 2014

{Skincare} Overnight beauty essentials

For a graduate student like myself sleep is precious and you are lucky to get a full eight hours every night of the week. For us, getting a good night's sleep is only part of the battle. Waking up with great skin in the morning can be several battles unless you thoroughly prepare your skin. The products you choose to use as you sleep add to the effect that a good night's rest will give you.

Your choice for a good night rest might include the obligatory eye mask and a moisture retaining facial cream, which are good to start with, or might include more luxurious products like an overnight face mask or brightening cream. My routine carries several of these based on the most immediate need of my skin.

I tend to shower more at night (unless I've worked out that day, then that happens right after a session) so my skin is usually prepped to go into a normal routine. Some nights I need a boost of moisture and elect to use Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask. Other nights when I'm not using the overnight mask I use the Indeed Labs Pepta-bright moisturizing serum underneath my facial lotion. This helps my skin look brighter and clearer in the morning. And, regardless of which routine I am using I dab a bit of Kiehl's Creamy Under Eye Treatment With Avocado Oil around the skin of my eye.

Additionally, on nights when I might have not followed the cardinal rule not to drink caffeine after 4:00 pm or when I'm not exposed to the normal light cycle of the day, I take an allotted dose of Melatonin to ease me into sleep. Melatonin is a hormone which is produced in your pineal gland in response to light input and contributes to your own sleep and wake cycle (circadian rhythm). Obviously, this shouldn't been used every night or dependently, since the long term effects of exogenous melatonin are not well know. Lastly, I sometimes use a simple eye mask to block out more light and to hopefully increase my natural production of melatonin.

I was inspired to post about my overnight skincare routine after reading a similar post on HSN by Carly Woods. Read her article to see her recommendations or find your own on their skincare section.

What is your overnight routine like? Do you do anything special to prepare your skin or for a good nights sleep? I'd love to read about what you do and try if possible.